8 Not So Famous Events You Might Want To Consider Visiting Telluride For

Everyone knows the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride Blues & Brews Festival and the Telluride Film Festival. A few local events starting to cause National headlines include Telluride MountainFilm and the Telluride AIDS benefit. There are however, a few special weekends in Telluride that you might just want to check out. These events might be better known locally, or within the state of Colorado, and they present wonderful opportunities to get to know Telluride on a more intimate level. No huge crowds, no long lines. Just good Telluride fun.

1. Telluride Balloon Festival – this fun fest usually happens the week before Bluegrass and it’s gorgeous. That will be June 6-8 in 2014. The kids love watching the colorful balloons launch from town park, and up close on main street.

2. Telluride Wine Festival – this small but super fun event gains traction every year. In 2014 this event is happening June 26-29. Hey, what’s not to love about food & wine?

3. The Plein Air Festival – dramatic Ajax peak towers over the quaint Victorian town of Telluride below. This view alone has inspired hundreds of artists to paint this iconic Colorado scene. The vistas around Telluride are magical and powerful. The plain air festival celebrates the artistic inspiration of Telluride & the mountains that surround it. June 29 – July 5, 2014.

4. The RIDE Festival – this music festival started in 2012 when the pro cycling event came through Telluride, and it’s seems it’s here to stay! The RIDE Festival will be happening July 11-3 in 2014 and features internationally renowned acts including Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Spoon & The Hold Steady.

5. The Mushroom Festival – yes, Telluride has a mushroom festival! This quirky local event features all things to do with mushroom education including mushroom science, growing mushrooms, cooking with mushrooms, mushroom medicine and so much more. The 33rd annual Telluride Mushroom Festival takes place from August 16-19, 2014.

6. The Imogene Pass Run – if fitness is your main game, you will relish in the challenge of the Imogene Pass run. This brutal 17.1 mile race is not for the faint hearted – it starts in Ouray, Colorado

7. The Nothing Festival – there’s really not a lot too this festival – including clothes. Several dozen people riding down Main Street naked on bikes…it sure does give the visitors a laugh. This festival happens kind of randomly and last minute. If you are lucky enough to witness it, enjoy!!!

8. Telluride Fire Festival – new in the winter of 2015, the inaugural  Telluride Fire Festival is taking place from January 15-19. This event is described as a “community celebration of excellence in interactive fine arts”.

If you’ve always wanted to visit Telluride, but feel daunted by the larger (and more expensive) events that take place, consider one of these smaller events. Call Lodging In Telluride today to discuss your accommodations on 888-998-6471. We have affordable vacation rental condos in Telluride town that offer a host of amenities including swimming pools, .