5 Mellow Hikes You Can Enjoy Right From Your Door in Telluride

Whether you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned hiker, the natural environment around Telluride offers plenty of opportunities to get out & enjoy the great outdoors. The dramatic mountains around Telluride can seem daunting. But there are plenty of hiking options for those of you who are just finding your feet, or those of you who just don’t feel like conquering the steeps everyday.

1. Telluride River Trail – a beautiful way to get your blood flowing at altitude. Cruise along the Telluride River Trail and take in the majestic views, meet some local dogs, and listen to the water rush by. It’s almost meditative.

2. Valley Floor West – essentially an extension of the in-town river trail, continue west along the ‘forever wild’ valley floor for up to 3 miles.

3. River Trail East to the Pandora Mine – an extension of the Telluride river trail, continue east for 2 miles until you reach the end of the box canyon to the east. Gorgeous waterfall views of Bridal Veil Falls & Ingram Falls.

4. Bear Creek – you’re starting to get your hiking groove on! Head south on Pine Street and you will see the Bear Creek Trail Head. You can follow this trail for a few miles (a gentle incline) to Bear Creek Falls. You don’t have to go all the way, but this path will get you away from the roads & into nature.

5. The Jud Wiebe – if you’re just starting out hiking, and you’ve already spent a few days doing more mellow hikes, you might want to finish with this dynamic local’s loop above town. You definitely want to have a decent level of fitness. Take it slow, and take a water bottle with you. Some machines can finish this in an hour, but give yourself 2 hours to have some breaks and enjoy the views.

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Telluride Hiking
Hiking around Telluride, Colorado during the summer
Enjoy some fresh mountain air!
Enjoy some fresh mountain air!