It’s not a secret. For many travelers, shopping is almost the best part of the experience! We all love to explore a good store, no matter where we are, but on vacation that love is taken to the next level as we step in and out of cute shops, bougie boutiques, and kitschy souvenir shops that give us something tangible to remind us of all the wonderful times we had during our travels.  As you begin to plan your Telluride adventures (made more comfortable thanks to your choice of Lodging in Telluride accommodations), plan to include a collapsible bag you can pack away in your regular suitcase, one that you are planning on filling with the treasures you have picked up at any or all of the stores listed below. Happy shopping in Telluride! 

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Shopping in Telluride

As exciting as your stay in Telluride is destined to be, a reader knows that the best adventures can be found between the covers of a really excellent book and Between the Covers, our local bookstore, is the best place to pick up something wonderful for your reading pleasure. Colorful and exciting, this beautiful bookstore offers the perfect spot to lazily browse through the shelves on a quiet Tuesday afternoon; be sure to explore the coffees and snacks sold in the High Alpine Coffee shop tucked away inside this fabulous store.

Over the Moon Fine Foods, 223 S Pine Street

The peace, luxury, and beauty of your Lodging In Telluride vacation escape will be missing just one thing when you first settle in and that is, of course, any foodstuffs you may need for your gourmet kitchen adventures. There are many fine grocery stores in the area but if you really want to take your dining experiences to the next level, Over the Moon offers artisan cheeses, bread, AND charcuterie boards that add spice to every meal.

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CashmereRED, 221 W Colorado Avenue

Travelers often find themselves surprised at how cold it can get here in Telluride, even in the summer months when the highs are rarely to the mid-70s, and if your suitcase is filled with tank tops and shorts, you may want to head on over to CashmereRED to purchase something warm and wonderful. This clothing store specializes in the soft and the beautiful and even if you aren’t cold it should be added to your itinerary. Featuring handmade items that feel as great as they look, men and women are sure to leave CashmereRED with their arms laden with treasures.

Elinoff Gallery, 204 W Colorado Avenue

Your Telluride adventures are about to take a dip into the glittery wonders found inside Elinoff Gallery, one of our favorite jewelry stores. Coffee mugs and magnets may be most people’s idea of a great souvenir, but we all know there is just something wonderful about staring down at the topaz ring you bought in Texas, the diamond earrings you purchased in Denver, and of course, the exquisite tourmaline necklace you’ve purchased at the Elinoff Gallery in Telluride. Jewelry brings sparkling memories you will treasure for the rest of your life! 

HOOK, 226 W Colorado Avenue

Step inside this bright and beautiful boutique and if you aren’t immediately hooked on the merchandise that lines the shelves, can you really consider yourself a savvy shopper? Selling souvenirs that are a step up from the expected magnets and mugs, colorful Telluride-styled art, and whimsical hooks that reflect all the fun you can have during your Colorado adventures in our mountain town. This may be the shop you spend the longest amount of time exploring! 

PET Telluride, 238 E Colorado Avenue

Your precious fur babies may be safe in the arms of your mom who lives to spoil her grandpups, but that doesn’t make the separation any easier for you. A visit to PET Telluride can help ease the pangs as you fill your own arms with colorful colors, bags of handmade snacks, and other gifts that will show sweet Snickers just how much you missed her goofy pit bull smile and the never-ending sparkle of love and devotion that shines from her whisky hued eyes. 

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Ethos and Lustre Gallery, 101 W Colorado Avenue

Sharing space on our most popular shopping avenue, Ethos, a wellness center heals all your spiritual needs and Lustre Gallery fulfills your need for color. Ethos specializes in exploring how art, science, and wellness can help quiet the noises in our brain, while Lustre exposes your heart to art, jewelry, and color. Normal lives can become colorless and bland as we go about our daily chores, but a glance at the pendant hanging around your neck, the scent of a candle designed to smell like peace, and the memories of that bright piece of art glass you placed on your mantle can help bring the color back to your real life! 

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