We’ve all been there…

You’ve just been put in charge of organizing a house or a condo for a family get together or a getaway with friends. You hit VRBO with enthusiasm, finding a number of hopeful options that would suit the group well. You shoot off 5-10 inquiries, thinking you’ll be all dialed with a great rental in no time. Then you wait. And wait. And wait. Most of the inquiries you send off don’t get answered. The one’s that do come back are the one’s you didn’t really like as much. Some of the places that looked available are not available. Before you know it you are confused, frustrated & not really so excited about booking the accommodation after all. Your enthusiasm starts to wane.

Here are some tips & tricks to help you find the perfect vacation rental condo for your Telluride getaway without robbing you of time & energy. Finding the perfect Telluride lodging doesn’t have to be a headache…

1. Make a phone call – if you see a condo that you like, pick up the phone & call the owner or property manager. One thing I have learnt from personal experience is that different people have very different ideas about appropriate response times. I know here at Lodging In Telluride we try to respond within 2-3 hours (often our responses are instant). When I have been searching for properties for my own vacation, sometimes people take one week to respond. A phone call saves you time, and saves you the confusion of trying to remember who you emailed and who didn’t respond.

2. Ask about guest services – if the vacation rental condo is managed by a local property management company then you know they will have a team of staff on hand to help you should you need help with anything during your stay. If the owner manages the condo, and does not live nearby, ask the owner if someone will be available locally to help if something unexpected happens.

3. Check the reviews – reading reviews is crucial. Sometimes reviews can reveal something about the property that might be a bonus, or could be a deal breaker. I once booked a home that was 5 bedrooms over 2 levels, only to discover that there was no internal staircase (and no mention of this in the description). The staircase was outside, down the front of the house. This wouldn’t have been a problem if a) we didn’t have small kids sleeping in bedrooms downstairs and b)it didn’t pour with rain all week! I realized afterwards that if I had scrolled further down in the reviews I would have realized this & probably made a better choice for our group.

4. Ask about extra charges for things like parking, wifi & laundry – it’s always nice to know of any extra charges you may be up for once you arrive at your vacation rental property. At Lodging In Telluride, wifi & parking is always included free at our condos. Some condos have a washer/dryer, but some do not. At the Viking Lodge there is a coin operated laundry on site for guests to use.

5. Are there plentiful photos? Are there photos of all of the rooms and areas? Are there photos missing of key rooms, such as the kitchen or the bathrooms? In my experience, this can be red flag. If you like a nice kitchen or remodeled bathrooms, and there are no images of these rooms, it can indicate that these rooms may not have been renovated. Ask the owner.

6. Ask the owner what items they supply – it’s always worthwhile asking the owner or property manager what supplies you can expect to find in the condo. Linens and towels are the most obvious. I personally would not book a vacation rental that did not come with these basics (as it doesn’t really feel like a vacation when you have to pack your own bedding then deal with the washing when you get home). Other things you may like to know about include shampoo & conditioner, soap, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid & sponges, dishwasher tabs, laundry powder and salt & pepper. At Lodging In Telluride we stock all of our vacation rentals with all of the basics including those mentioned here as well as coffee, creamer, sugar, coffee filters, olive oil, vinegar, body lotion, hot tub cups, hot tub towels & kitchen roll.

7. Buy trip insurance – when booking on VRBO its always sensible to purchase trip insurance in case the unexpected happens with your travel plans, or with the property.

I hope these tips help you when you are searching for your next vacation rental property! To plan your Telluride vacation, call Lodging In Telluride on 888-998-6471 or visit our website. We have a selection of affordable Telluride lodging options for you to choose from. Our condos are immaculately clean, and well equipped with all of the necessities for your stay.