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Telluride Mushroom Festival

08/13/2020 - 08/16/2020

$225 – $300

The mushroom is a fungus that usually spends it time in the background, as an addition to a salad or maybe a topping on a burger. However, for one weekend in Telluride each August, Mushroom Fest takes over and the mushrooms jumps to center stage. From experts in the field of mushrooms, to people who just love to eat and admire these unusual plants, the Telluride Mushroom festival draws the most unique crowd of any of Telluride’s many festivals throughout the year.

Mushrooms are complex and there is much to learn about them in order to become an expert in the field. While many mushrooms are delicious and safe to eat, others are highly poisonous to humans. One of the biggest draws of Mushroom Fest are the lectures given by experts in the mushroom field. These professionals who come from all kinds of scientific backgrounds enjoy coming to the Mushroom Festival to soak in the beauty of Telluride and share their love of this fungus.

Of course, eating mushrooms is one of the favorite pastimes of many Shroomfest attendees. For that group, there are great cooking classes and demonstrations that take place all weekend long. The cooking demonstrations not only highlight many different uses for mushrooms in your at-home cuisine, but will also introduce you to other kinds of mushrooms that you may not be familiar with. Having an in depth knowledge of different mushroom species is crucial if you are going to be able to integrate mushrooms into your diet more than ever before.

Mushroom Festival

Another attraction of the Mushroom Festival that combines the passion from ‘shrooms with the natural beauty of Telluride are the nature walks. These guided short hikes will help you to learn how to find and pick wild mushrooms, and how to identify which ones are safe and which may be poisonous. Visitors to the Mushroom Festival love these hikes because they allow for close and personal interaction with some of the experts in the mushroom field, and are a treat under the sunshine of Telluride.

If you are lucky enough to able to attend the Mushroom Festival in Telluride, you will be in for an experience that is truly one of a kind. In order to experience everything that this unique weekend has to offer, you will want to stay right in the heart of the action. Lodging with us is a great choice because our complex is located within walking distance of everything you will want to see in Telluride. Not only that, but the rooms we offers are top-notch in terms of both quality and cleanliness. You will feel right at home in any of our accommodations thanks to a warm decorating touch and attention to detail. All summer long, Telluride, CO is a busy place full of tourists and festival goers alike. If you are hoping to attend the upcoming Mushroom Festival, be sure to contact us soon and make your arrangements. Shroomfest is one of a kind – don’t miss it!

For more information, you can visit their website: http://www.shroomfest.com/


$225 – $300
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