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Telluride Wine Festival

09/23/2021 - 09/26/2021

There is something about the beautiful backdrop of Telluride that makes a glass of wine taste all that much better. The Telluride Wine Festival is relatively young, compared to other festivals in the area, but it has quickly claimed a spot as one of the most popular attractions of the summer. Held at the end of June and beginning of July each year, this four day festival is a celebration of wine, food, and friendship.

As you would expect, wine tasting is one of the main draws of the Telluride Wine Festival. Each year some of the best wineries from all throughout the region bring their best bottles for tasting and selling to the patrons of the festival. You will be able to speak with the purveyors of these great beverages, ask questions about their process, and find out just which wines you like the most.

Wine tasting is a great activity because it is a social gathering that tends to bring people together. Complete strangers will quickly become friends when sharing a drink and discussing the merits of different bottles of wine. You might find yourself making friends at the Telluride Wine Festival that last long after you have gone home.

While wine is the star of this event, there is more than enough food to go around as well. In fact, some of the best chefs from all around Colorado will be there to offer their specialty dishes that pair perfectly with the wines that are featured at the festival. You can enjoy full meals prepared by some of these top-quality chefs, or simply enjoy a cocktail hour with a sampling plate menu for you to try. No matter which activities you choose to take part in, the wine is a constant presence, as is the beauty of the nature all around you.

Stay for the Food…

Speaking of activities, one of the most popular features of the Telluride Wine Festival are the interactive cooking demonstrations. While the leading chefs are in town to show off their food, they take time out to put on some clinics as well. If you attend one of these classes, you will surely learn to create food that you never thought could possibly come out of your home kitchen. For the home cook that aspires to grow their skills and explore new kinds of cuisine, the Telluride Wine Festival offers a unique opportunity to do just that.

For your lodging during the Wine Festival, you will want to be right in the heart of the action and within walking distance of all the attractions. Lodging in Telluride has numerous properties that are located conveniently within Telluride. You will find our accommodations to be of the highest quality, and a great place to relax and get ready for another day out on the town. Park your car when you arrive at our complex, and don’t worry about starting it again until you are set to leave Telluride. For a few days of great relaxation in the mountains of Colorado, you won’t find a better choice than the Telluride Wine Festival.

For more info, you can visit their site: telluridewinefestival.com


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