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Imogene Pass Run Telluride

The Imogene Pass Run, or Imogene Run as it is often called, is a mountain race that culminates in Telluride, CO. The race covers a total of 17.1 miles, beginning in the town of Ouray and making its way over the 13,114 high Imogene Pass. As you can imagine just by the bare statistics of the race, this is an incredible challenge that will push the limits of fitness on almost any person. Considering elevations gains of over 5,000 feet and the thin air at which the race is run, Imogene is a tremendous challenge that can be the crowning accomplishment of any avid runners career.

The Imogene Run to Telluride is contested each year on the first Saturday after the Labor Day Weekend. This time of year can be beautiful in southwestern Colorado, but the weather can also put up a fight. If you choose to run this challenging race, you are likely to see sun, rain, snow, wind, fog, and more – sometimes all in within a few hours. Not only will you need to be in tremendous physical condition to complete this run, you will need to be well prepared as well. There are six aid stations across the winding 17 mile route, but you will be on your own in the mountains of Colorado for much of the trek.

The way follows a dirt road that is used heavily in the summer, so the footing will not always be smooth as you make your way over the pass. Those who have cross trained in a variety of environments and conditions will be best prepared to face the unique challenge that is the Imogene Run. While it is an incredible challenge, the feeling of crossing the finish line in Telluride and looking back at the mountains you have just conquered is sure to make all of the training well worth it.

Along with the feel of fitness and accomplishment that comes with completing the Imogene Run, you will also get an up close exposure to some of the most beautiful scenery the country has to offer. By traveling by foot instead of car, you will have a chance to really appreciate the beauty of the nature around you for all 17 miles. More than just a race, the Imogene Run is a chance to connect with the natural world and develop an appreciation for the earth. Those who run Imogene for the first time rarely come out of the experience without having changed in some way.

Since the Imogene Run ends in Telluride, you will likely want to secure lodging in Telluride so you can quickly get to your room. Lodging in Telluride has a beautiful complex that is within walking distance to the finish line. Our accommodations will be a comfortable home for you during your stay

For more information, you can visit their website: http://www.imogenerun.com/

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