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Plein Air Festival Telluride

The term ‘plein air’ typically refers to the act of painting outdoors, and such is the case with this unique festival in the beautiful town of Telluride. Artists travel from all over the country to take part in the Plein Air Festival, which has numerous talented individuals set up all around town to create incredible works inspired by the surrounding landscape. Art is the focus of this week, and how that art interacts with the natural world to create incredible scenes.

The main attraction of this five or six day festival is simply seeing these talented artists at work. All throughout the day, you can simply walk around town and you will find many different artists working on scenes that they have been inspired to create. There is no charge to observe this art-in-progress, so feel free to float about town as you wish and be prepared to be amazed at what you see.

There’s Art in the Plein Air

While much of this festival is casual in its formation and left up to the whims of the artist, there is one main event that draws everyone together in a common place. The Plein Air Festival ‘Quick Draw & Sale’ is one of the most popular events of the whole week. The idea is simple – many of the artists gather at the village core to compete in a 90 minute painting competition that will be judged by the Ah Haa School of the Arts. The painters will do their best to create a great work of art in a very short period of time, and the spectators will not believe what their talented hands can do in only an hour and a half.

Once the competition is completed and the winner has been announced, the crowd will have the change to purchase these special edition paintings as a memory of the great event that they were a part of. If you don’t find anything to your liking to purchase from the Quick Draw competition, you can wait for the week-end Artist Choice Sale. At this sale, each artist will present their favorite piece from the entire week and those pieces will be available for purchase. While you are never required to buy any artwork, you will likely want to have something to take home and hang up for a reminder of the magic that is Telluride.

Among the many great things in Telluride is the fact that the whole town is within easy walking distance. When you stay at one our properties, you will have top-rate lodging and be able to easily walk to all of the Plein Air Festival attractions. Since the weather is typically great in Telluride you will be happy to leave the car alone for the week and use good old fashioned foot power to get around. For a great week spend enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of creativity and nature that surrounds the Plein Air Festival, plan your trip to Telluride today.

For more info, you can visit their website: http://www.telluridepleinair.com/