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As winter draws to a close, the ski season comes to its end, and the promise of spring glows bright, travelers often find another reason to make their way to the majestic beauty of our favorite mountain village. Warmer days with the sun shining bright overhead, cooler nights that still demand the coziness and romance of a roaring fire, and one last holiday to celebrate, before the summer celebrations begin, it makes us want to spread our wings and fly to places we have yet to visit. If your Easter journey includes a visit to Telluride and a stay in one of our Lodging in Telluride holiday hideaways, this guide to all the ways you can celebrate the Colorado Easter holiday will ensure that this getaway is one you will never forget!

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An Easter Hike

The beauty of spring in Telluride almost demands that you get out there and enjoy it, so starting your Telluride, Colorado Easter escape with a hike, if the snow allows, is destined to be one of your favorite activities! Enjoy an amble along the easy Bear Creek Trail, perhaps taking part in one last snowball fight along creeks edge; not all snow will have melted away by April 17th! Bear Creek Falls provides a picturesque spot for a family portrait ensuring this is one hike you will never forget. The Bridal Veil trail leads up into the clouds where views of the valley never fail to stun, but remember, this is a hike that may not be appropriate for smaller legs. Mom or Dad may end up with an extra passenger on their backs as the terrain is steep and can be tiring!

Happy Feaster!

No matter how you choose to celebrate this very personal holiday, the one thing that draws all celebrations closer is the family meal! Of course, your Lodging in Telluride holiday hideaway offers a gourmet kitchen that definitely brings the joy back to cooking. There are not a lot of restaurants open during this time in Telluride, so it’ll be up to you to make a feast worthy of Easter! While you yourself will need to make your meal, the fully equipped kitchens in your vacation rental will make it easy!

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Truly Magical Telluride, Colorado Easter Getaway

Easter of 2022 falls during the off season in Telluride. Many restaurants and attractions will be closed during this holiday but that allows you to truly getaway. The crowds will all be gone, and shops will clear out so you will have the town to yourself and your pick of vacation rentals. While it might not be the vacation you have envisioned it might just be the vacation that you need! Get away from everything that’s going on back home, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the stress of your job, the pressure to be doing something every waking moment of the day. Vacations are meant to be a way to get away from your troubles but often you end up with pressure to see every attraction there is to see, to eat at every restaurant there is to try (even if you don’t like the kind of food that’s served), and do everything there is to do but if you choose to spend your Easter holiday in Telluride this year you’ll find that you don’t have any of those pressures. You’ll be free to relax in a luxury rental, make and eat the food that sounds best to you, and spend the holiday in peace.

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Your Colorado Easter Home Away from Home

Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or any other holiday on your personal calendar, the common denominator is, has always been, family, and when you choose our Lodging in Telluride seasonal sanctuaries for your vacation escape, all the comforts of home will help in the celebration! Create your own holiday feast in large kitchens filled with high-end appliances, gather round large dining room tables to dine, play, and chat, and send your kids off early to bed as you put together their Easter baskets in the privacy of your master suite! Hide colorful eggs filled with treats in large backyards or keep it simple for the youngest members of your family, hiding them throughout the condo and balcony while making them easily found. Sipping wine in front of a roaring fire, soaking in a hot tub on the deck, or sleeping the night away in beds so comfortable you won’t have any trouble awakening the next day feeling rested and refreshed. Just as there are no two snowflakes that are alike (and we see a LOT of snowflakes in Telluride, so we know this is a fact!) there are no two families that celebrate the Easter holiday in all the same manners! Reserve our special holiday hideaways today and discover how much the perfect retreat can add to your Easter celebration!