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Although the rain can put a damper on your vacation adventures when vacationing in Telluride, it just gives you the opportunity to explore some indoor activities in Telluride you may have overlooked while playing outside! It is hard to leave all the beauty of the natural landscape of Telluride, especially when you spend most of your year cooped up inside an office, but we can promise you that when the rain falls, you will have just as much fun exploring the museum, trying out new restaurants, and participating in a little retail therapy. This guide to rainy day activities in Telluride will ensure that you don’t miss out on a single indoor adventure!

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Well, That Was Fun

The Telluride Mountain Village Gondola is first on our list of fun things to do on a rainy day, offering a totally different experience when the clouds release their watery burdens. Open every day of the year, this mode of transportation is free of charge and was originally built to help reduce pollution caused by skiers driving up the mountain, but the incredible views have made it our number one tourist attraction! Although you may have already enjoyed a few rides on the gondolas, doing so in the rain is an incredibly romantic experience as you and the one you love most slowly ride up (or down) the mountain, remaining dry and warm inside as the rain falls around you. Lasting no more than 12 minutes, this quick adventure sets the bar high for your enjoyment of other rainy day activities, but we’re not worried; Telluride is up to the challenge!

A Peek into Our History

The best way to get to know a place you are visiting is by taking a peek into its past, and a visit to the Telluride Historical Museum is one way to do so! Housed inside a former hospital building constructed in 1896, the history lesson begins as soon as you walk in its doors to explore the 10 themed rooms that make up the museum; if you listen closely, you may even hear the whispered echoes of quiet conversations between nurses and patients! Starting from the literal beginning, the original room explores how the mountains in the area were formed in a way that enthralls all who view it. From there you will learn about the indigenous people who were the original “settlers” and Telluride’s transition from mining camp to the luxurious resort it is today!

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History with a Side Serving of Retail Therapy

The museum is an important part of Telluride’s history, but your favorite way to catch a glimpse of the past may be with a visit to Telluride Trappings and Toggery, even if it doesn’t date all the way back to the forming of the mountains. Open since 1972, the red brick building with the green and white striped awnings offers clothing, accessories, and home goods, and it is the longest-running retail store in town. Stop by and pick up a little something that will serve as a remembrance of your Colorado vacation—as if you were ever going to forget the adventures you have experienced in our mountain town!

Spoil Yourself

You work hard, and your Telluride vacation is a way of spoiling yourself, but don’t you deserve just a little more? Rainy days are the perfect days to make your way to one of the many spas that dot our landscape, including the Aroma Spa Salon & Boutique, located at 307 E Colorado Avenue. Altitude sickness is a real malady that often affects mountain visitors, but the Oxygen Bar offered by this unique spa will help you feel better immediately. If sore muscles are plaguing you, their massage therapists have talented hands that will release all the knots! Pure Beauty and Wellness Spa, 333 E Colorado Avenue offers everything from massage to cryotherapy to Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy, where you will meditate, relax, and absorb essential minerals into your skin and lungs.

Feast Like Royalty

There is a huge selection of excellent restaurants in Telluride, all worthy of a visit, but if you are wanting to do something extra special on a cheerfully rainy day in the mountains, a visit to the Tunnel promises to be a treat you will never forget. Offering a menu filled with everchanging delights, as of today’s writing, the specials all relate to their Hawaiian Style Summer theme. The prohibition-style environment requires a password to enter (Don’t worry, the password can be found on their website!) and communal dining allows guests to make new friends. Your dinner in the Tunnel will be a dining experience that lingers in your memory for years to come.

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Stay in and Play

Sometimes the best adventures are the ones that take place close to (or in!) your vacation home away from home, and when you choose Lodging in Telluride, you will find plenty to do on a dark and rainy day! Sit by the fire and watch the rain fall on the thirsty landscape outside your windows, sip fresh coffee as you read the latest bestseller, or take an impromptu nap on a soft sofa. Reserve your rainy day escape today and discover what will be your new happy place from here on out!