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There is something to be said about sophisticated elegant restaurants where even the busboys wear a tuxedo, and all the diners look as if they came straight off the red carpet. However, often we just merely want to enjoy the company of friends while we dig into a plate of good food, whether that be healthy, yet scrumptious organic sandwiches, warm and homey comfort foods, or a pizza with cheese which stretches to infinity when a slice is grasped. Well, luckily for us, there is quite the variety of various eateries that embrace the warm glow of casual dining. So, come with us as we lead you on a brief tour of some of the casual spots for dining in Telluride you’ll find in our beautiful mountain town!

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Pizza, Pasta and More

First on our tour, we have a lovely little eatery which not only hosts a large variety of meals from all around the world, but also has a wonderful bakery. At Baked in Telluride, you are assured a relaxed, warm environment where you can chat with your loved ones while enjoying a range of different options from buttery pasta to loaded breakfast burritos that are sure to start your day off with a heavenly meal. Further, you can find a range of sandwiches such as cheesesteaks and Reubens, and even corned beef! If you find yourself here on a chilly winter day, make sure you grab a bowl of steaming chili or even turkey noodles. You can also stop in for coffee and enjoy a buttery, flakey croissant baked in-house.

On the topic of warm and comfortable, what is more welcoming than a warm pizza with gooey cheese which hangs on desperately to its brethren as you take a piece? Few places in the area serve up better pizza than Brown Dog Pizza! Here, you will literally find some of the best pizza in the world, considering it won 1st place in the Pizza World Championship in Parma, Italy and their chef was the first American to win the Pizza Triathlon! When you eat at Brown Dog, you are quite literally getting some of the best of the best. If pizza isn’t quite your game, they also offer all the other classics that one might want from the world of comfort foods. You’ll not only find wings and subs, which is a must for any notable pizza establishment, but you’ll even find a selection of burgers and wraps. They also have a wide selection of wines for you to enjoy as you munch on classic Italian fare or even sneak in some American cuisine with a burger.

Foods of Comfort and Warmth


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For all around classic comfort food come to  The Butcher and Baker! All of their food is not only organic but is sourced from local farms and ranches to ensure that you are only getting the freshest of the fresh and the best of the best. You’ll find all the classics such as cheese curds, burgers, cheesesteak, chicken pot pie, breakfast burritos and more. McDonald’s has nothing on their bacon breakfast sandwich! Don’t forget to check out their bakery, as they have a wide selection of sweet scones, creamy cheesecakes, flaky and buttery croissants, warm soft rolls, and more. If you are on the move and don’t have time to sit down and enjoy the welcoming environment, fear not, for in addition to their bakery they also have a selection of deli sandwiches and offer online ordering and take-out. It really does seem like no matter the time of day, whether it’s lunch, brunch, dinner or just a snack, The Butcher & The Baker will satisfy any craving!

A Drink and a Meal…

We’ve covered a range of cozy eateries from the rich flavorful world of Italian to the comforting world of American, as well as a few entrees and items that fall in between, but a discussion on casual dining wouldn’t be complete without some places where you can grab a pint, or maybe a cocktail, and enjoy great food as well as the company of the ones who you traveled so far to spend time with. First off, you have one of the healthier breweries you’ll find during your travels with Smuggler-Union Brewery & Restaurant, who work closely with local farmers to ensure you’re truly getting farm-to-table ingredients! As well, everything down to their dairy is fresh and locally sourced. While they have a selection of delectable entrees ranging from beef to lamb, make sure you try their award-winning beers, which are sure to satisfy both connoisseur and casual beer lovers alike! Not to mention, with their comfortable, wood-covered interior, you will truly feel like you’re drinking with friends in a modern, private cabin.

Western Dining in Telluride

Looking for a more authentic western experience? You’ll find that at the Floradora Saloon, which offers all of your classic comfort foods such as hot wings, jalapeno poppers, fish tacos, burgers, cheesesteaks and more is a western saloon-like atmosphere! If you find yourself looking for a nice brunch, you’ll feel at home when you see their traditional American breakfast options including eggs, toast, home fries, grits, egg white omelets (for those still looking for some healthy options) and even eggs benedict! As well, don’t forget you are at a saloon, so make sure you to check out their wide selection of drinks to enjoy as you dig into a plate of warm, intoxicatingly delicious foods which comfort the heart and soul.

Now, it’s possible you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy, that might be casual but still offers something unusual and new which you are most likely not going to be able to try again; after all, casual dining can have well-crafted and beautifully plated food too! Well, if you are looking for something a bit different, make sure to try “there…” which hosts a selection of both inventive beverages such as their “jam drinks” and entrees which are sure to have some rather unique meats on offer like octopus’ skewers or lettuce wraps with elk. If you are looking to share a plate between you and friends as you sip cocktails and make merry, or if you are just particularly hungry, make sure you check out their shareable plates which range from wagyu and greens to miso glazed eggplant.

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South of the Border

Finally, we will end our journey through the comforting world of casual dining a little south of the border Uno, Dos, Tres Tacos & Tequila, which offers a range of tacos that you are sure to not see anywhere else! Here you won’t be finding your Taco Bell, or even Chipotle; rather, you will see a fusion of various cultures to bring out the best of both when it comes to the world of flavors.  So, before you end your trip with us and go back to the world you knew before, make sure you come and try out some truly unique tacos at Uno Dos Tres Tacos & Tequila!

Experience Casual Dining in Telluride

As you can see, while our town might be cozy and look like it belongs on a postcard, you will find that there is a wide range of places for dining in Telluride for you to try and which are perfect to sit back, maybe grab a drink, and lose yourself in the warm hospitality of the mountains. However, this is but scratching the surfing of eateries that are tucked away amongst the mountains, so if you are curious what else might be waiting for you to try, contact Lodging in Telluride at 888-998-6471 or book your rental online with us today!