Telluride tourism numbers break records in July

The numbers are in for tourism in Telluride during the month of July – and the results look extremely good! In fact, the numbers were so good, they broke the record for any previous July. Not only were the visitor numbers up, but the nightly rate was up too, signaling a return to a healthy tourism economy that was slow to recover after the financial crisis of 2008. Michael Martelon, CEO of the Telluride Tourism Board (TTB) attributed this summer’s growth to a few factors – the growing awareness of Telluride as a world class mountain destination & efforts by Telluride Ski & Golf to create more family & kid friendly activities in Mountain Village. The TTB expects to see further improvements with the fall color season kicking off right now, and the winter ski season with a substantial increase in winter flights.

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Here is the full article that appeared in the Telluride Daily Planet a few days ago…

Record-breaking July tourism for Telluride

Fall, winter looking up as well, according to TTB

By Heather Sackett
Published: Sunday, September 7, 2014 6:06 AM CDT
According to data from the Telluride Tourism Board, July was a record-breaking month for tourism in the Telluride region, and fall and winter numbers are looking promising as well.July occupancy was up three points over 2013’s record-breaking numbers. The average daily rate for lodging increased by 9 percent and the revenue per available room increased by 14 percent from 2013.“July is always a really strong month,” said TTB CEO Michael Martelon. “As our brand continues to gain momentum and prominence, what ends up happening is not only do visitors come and stay in hotels, but on people’s couches.”Martelon said he is also excited about Telluride Ski & Golf Company’s efforts at creating more on-mountain summer activities, like the ropes course it unveiled this year. Town often feels more crowded in summer because there aren’t thousands of people skiing on the resort.

“I’m very excited and enthusiastic about the ski resort continuing to build that outdoor adventure activity so we can get more of our summer visitors on the mountain,” Martelon said.The end of summer and fall are looking up too, according to the TTB. August is pacing one point behind last year and September is also gaining ground.“I think August is going to be strong and right now we are trying to push with September and October with the Gold Season,” Martelon said.The Gold Season fall marketing campaign launched the last week in August and will run through the end of October. The digital ads highlight fall in the Telluride region with a lodging promotion that offers visitors a third or fourth night free any day of the week at participating properties.

Winter forecasts look strong too. December occupancy is pacing two points ahead of last year and January is three points ahead. The average daily rate for December is significantly higher at $707, compared with $567, which illustrates strong holiday bookings for larger condos and homes. And this winter there will be a 20 percent increase in flights landing in Montrose, with planes from places like Dallas-Fort Worth and San Francisco.

“We have a lot more seats coming into our destination this winter so there’s tremendous opportunity to better our winter,” Martelon said.

Accommodations in Telluride with Swimming Pools

Visiting Telluride during the summer months is truly magical. Many of our friends to the south – Arizona, Texas and New Mexico flock north to the Rockies for mild summer days, cool nights and fresh mountain air. Because our temperatures are generally very mild in the summer (our days average in the mid 70’s), there is not a huge need for swimming pools and air conditioning in Telluride. These amenities might be essential in some parts of the country, but finding these things can be a challenge in a Telluride. However, it sure is nice when you find a vacation rental condo that has a swimming pool, and there are some fantastic options if you know where to look. Anyone who has kids knows how much of a bonus a pool can be on a vacation!

Two of the condo complexes where we currently manage condos have swimming pools – the Viking Lodge & Lulu City. We offer one, two, three and four bedroom accommodations to our guests. The pools are heated in the summer and winter months, ensuring an optimal level of comfort and refreshment.

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Below: The swimming pool & hot tub at the Viking Lodge in Telluride. Telluride’s only salt water hot tub!

The pool and hot tub at the Viking Lodge are rare commodities in the town of Telluride.
The pool and hot tub at the Viking Lodge are rare commodities in the town of Telluride.














Below: This gorgeous Lulu City condo also offers guests a swimming pool and hot tub. This vacation rental condo will also have air-conditioning in the summer of 2014!

Lulu City 6L is a gorgeous 2 bedroom + loft vacation rental condo in Telluride.
Lulu City 6L is a gorgeous 2 bedroom + loft vacation rental condo in Telluride.