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“You really want me to ice climb?” 

“C’mon Mom!  I know you can do it!” cried 8-year old Izzy, tugging on her mother’s hand and directing her toward the leather couch in our reception area.

Gulping the thin air of Telluride’s 8,750 foot elevation, Jennifer pensively allowed herself to be guided to the couch, and began unlacing her snow boots, Izzy beaming with pride as her mother allowed herself to catch some of her daughter’s contagious energy.

“Well all right!” local mountain guide Dave Ahrens exclaimed, “We’re going ice climbing!”

The mountain town of Telluride, Colorado is world-renowned as a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.  When the snow starts falling in November, all thoughts turn toward skiing, and rightfully so – the Telluride Ski Resort is one of the better ski hills in our state and the laid back feel of downtown makes it an appealing place for families.  With just under 200 inches of powder falling annually over the past five years and a wide assortment of terrain both an and outside the ski area, the reputation as world-class is hard to argue.

Less well known are Telluride’s abundance of other frozen treats, namely our local ice routes.  Visitors looking to break up their ski week might consider tying into a climbing rope and scaling one of our numerous frozen waterfalls.  Ice climbing has grown in popularity in recent years, with improvements and innovations in equipment making entry into the sport easier than ever.

If you are feeling adventurous, are curious about the sport or if you’d just like to blow the minds of your Facebook friends with some cool shots of you hanging onto an azure flow of ice, carve out a half day from your Telluride visit and join the local professionals at Mountain Trip for a morning of climbing ice.

We offer full-service, guided half and full day trips for climbers of all abilities, complete with hot cocoa for the kiddos!  Rest assured that your family is in good hands with the only guide service in southwest Colorado Accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association and staffed by highly trained guides who regularly lead climbers up tough peaks like Denali and Mount Everest.  Stop by and say hello at our downtown office, at 135 W. Colorado Ave, right across the street from Telluride Sports.

Mountain Trip

Even Mom is getting in on the ice climbing action! Call Mountain Trip 970-369-1153.

Izzy's not afraid!

Izzy’s not afraid!

T0 plan your winter family adventure, contact the team at Mountain Trip!

Contact info:  

Mountain Trip International, LLC

(970) 369-1153





Where exactly is Telluride, Colorado?

It probably seems like a silly question to many reading this, but I am sure that some of you, somewhere out there are asking yourself this question.

Telluride is a small town with a very BIG personality, located in a relatively remote corner of southwest Colorado. We are quite close to the Utah border (when you are skiing in the Telluride Ski Resort you can clearly see the La Sal Mountains in Utah), and just a few hours from the Four Corners region where Colorado meets Utah, Arizona & New Mexico. Telluride boasts a rich Native American history, as well as a colorful mining history that dates back to the end of the 19th century. These days, Telluride has a reputation as one of North America’s most sought after ski resorts. Conde Nast magazine ranked Telluride the #1 Ski Resort in North America in 2013, and we consistently get ranked, “most beautiful”, “most friendly” & “most challenging” ski area as well. For the full list of accolades Telluride has won in the past few years, visit our previous blog post. You may be asking yourself, “If Telluride is so great, why haven’t I heard of it, or why don’t more people go there?”. That’s a very good question. The reason Telluride is not on the map like Vail or Aspen is because we are about as far from I-70 as you can get. The nearest major city is a full day’s drive away. Because of our remote location, we have no crowds, no lift lines, no lurking paparazzi, beautiful, clean mountain air & some of the most spectacular mountain scenery of anywhere in Colorado.

To give you an idea of Telluride’s remote location:

Below is a map of (most of) Colorado, showing the exact location of Telluride (the red marker). Over to the left you can see the Utah border, and just below Durango to the south is the New Mexico & Arizona border.

Where is Telluride, Colorado?

Where is Telluride, Colorado? Telluride is located in a remote southwest corner of Colorado, close to the Utah border. We are 6.5 hours drive from Denver, 6 hours from Sat Lake City, UT & 8 hours from Phoenix, AZ.

A few fun facts about Telluride:

If you like the sound of Telluride, or are planning a visit, please visit our Lodging In Telluride website. We have affordable Telluride lodging options for your Telluride vacation. Our vacation rental condos are located in Telluride town, within walking distance to Main Street, the chairlifts, hiking trails & the gondola. Please call us on 888-998-6471 to discuss your plans!