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You won’t find many more beautiful places in the world than Telluride in early June. Spring is in full swing, summer is just around the corner – and the air is starting to warm up along with the blooming of flowers against the lush green forests. Because of that great natural backdrop, the annual Telluride Balloon Festival is truly a sight to behold. Gorgeous, colorful hot-air balloons take to the skies for spectators to enjoy safely from the streets of the town below.

As the self-proclaimed ‘festival capital of the world’, Telluride is no stranger to a gather of people for a common interest or activity. While the Balloon Festival is one of the smaller festivals throughout the year in Telluride, CO, it offers a unique charm and beauty that sets it apart from the rest. For a peaceful weekend taking in the scenery of southwest Colorado, you will not do better than the Telluride Balloon Festival.

Hot Air Balloons

This festival is always held on the first weekend of June, and it gets started early both days. Around a dozen balloons will launch right around 7 a.m., assuming the weather cooperates. All you need to do is take a quick step outside of your lodging and you should have a great view of the balloons from anywhere in Telluride. Wind is the enemy of a safe hot-air balloon ride, so gusty conditions can keep the festival grounded until the weather clears.

While it is great fun to view the balloons from the ground, some spectators may wish to take a more active role. If you are interested in getting a free ride up in one of the balloons alongside and experienced pilot, you might be able to get that opportunity. In order to volunteer to help with the balloon festival, and therefore have a chance to ride up in one, you need to show up at Town Park around 6 a.m. on one of the days of the festival. You will be assigned to help with a specific balloon, and might even be able to ride up in one for an unparalleled view of the city below.

The final night of the festival is reserved for a very exciting display of color and light. Many of the balloons that have been soaring above town will be tethered and on display right on Colorado Avenue. As the sun goes down, the balloons are inflated and the glow from their engines light up the night sky. This display is truly something to behold, and should really be seen up close and personal.

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For more info, you can visit their website: http://www.tellurideballoonfestival.com/

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