Telluride Fire Festival Lighting Up Telluride January 14-18, 2016

Last year, some Telluride locals has an idea for a new winter festival. I must admit, I was very skeptical of ANOTHER festival in Telluride, particularly a winter festival in January – the coldest month of the year. Quite frankly, I thought, I would prefer to spend cold winter nights huddled on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate, watching the Bachelor. However, my skepticism was proved very wrong, when the Telluride Fire Festival hosted it’s inaugural event in January of 2015. The organizer’s of the festival attracted some of the most impressive fiery creations from Burning Man, as well as fire artists and musical performers. The core area of Mountain Village, known for it’s distinct lack of activity after 7pm, came alive with the famous flame throwing Octopus, accompanied by raucous rock and dance music.

Telluride Fire Festival
The Telluride Fire Festival is happening again in 2016! Come & enjoy the beauty of Telluride in all it’s fiery glory January 14-18, 2016. El Pulpo Mecanico, 2015.

The festival was such a success in 2015, that the organizers are gearing up for this year’s event! The Telluride Fire Festival will be taking place in just 2 weeks, from January 14-18, 2016. This year’s fire attractions include the “Burning Pink Organ”, created by Jessie Vaida & Alvin Sessions, as well as “The Pyred Eye” by James Reinhardt. Musical acts include DJ Phoenix, LoveTribe & Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza. Fractal Tribe, Dream Team Spinners & Dance Of The Sacred Fire are just some of the many fire performer’s who will be attending in 2016.

To view the full schedule of events, and to purchase tickets, click here. You can also volunteer for this event – just fill out the Volunteer Application Form.

Lodging In Telluride is running several specials during the month of January, which includes the weekend of the Telluride Fire Festival. Come & enjoy the 150 inches of snow we have enjoyed this winter ski season, and immerse yourself in a fiery cultural highlight of our events calendar. We also offer ski & stay packages to our guests, as well as discounted ski equipment rentals at Telluride Sports! Call us on 888-998-6471 to book your Telluride accommodations.