Telluride WOW Festival 2015

We recently caught up with Becca Tudor, co founder of the Telluride WOW Festival. There are few Telluride women who motivate us as much as Becca does. A dedicated pilates & fitness instructor, devoted mom, business owner of FUEL Telluride, entrepreneur & a gal that emits all round positive vibes, it’s hard to not to be inspired by Becca.

Two years ago, Becca co founded the Telluride WOW Festival with another much loved local, Albert Roer. Together, this dynamic duo recognized the need for a summer fitness festival that motivates people to make positive lifestyle changes. The mission of the Telluride WOW Festival states:

“Telluride WOW; Weekend of Wellness’ mission is to Inspire, Motivate, Educate and make Change.

WOW strives to identify, address and change a neglected global epidemic and the social issue of our nation’s depression and obesity problem, reflecting a pattern of behavior being passed down to our children.

Report revealed that every country, with the exception of those in sub-Saharan Africa, faces alarming obesity rates — an increase of 82% globally in the past two decades. Middle Eastern countries are more obese than ever, seeing a 100% increase since 1990.

Unfortunately, our ‘Western-Style’ lifestyle is being adapted all around the world and the impacts are the same. It’s time for Change”. 

Becca Tudor & Albert Roer, founders of the Telluride WOW Festival.
Becca Tudor & Albert Roer, founders of the Telluride WOW Festival.

We recently caught up with Becca and asked her some questions about this years event. You can register for this event on the the WOW website. Lodging In Telluride is offering a special on accommodation, exclusively for WOW participants. Browse our vacation rentals here, and use the code WOW2015 at checkout to receive a 10% discount!

The dates for WOW have changed for 2015. Can you tell us a little bit more about why you chose June over September?

The date change was intentional from the beginning; with the desire to offer something for EVERYONE. Summer is when people are excited to be outside; getting active, fit and healthy. (initially when planning the first year, June was too soon so we opted for Fall dates to give us more prep time).

What are some of the highlights of this years festival?

This year we have so much great new stuff. a couple of the high lights are the following;

1. The Aspen Club Resort & Spa has taken interest in the festival and will be bringing their program HI2T for Hunger to WOW. HI2T stands for High Intensity Interval Training and the program creator, Dirk Schultz will not only talk on behalf of why this type of program is good but also put on a friendly, team oriented competition for participants- this will be very fun spectator friendly event.

2. A ton of great lectures from world leading physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, women’s health doctors, our very own Local high altitude living/ training guru; Peter Hackett and more.

3. A collaboration with the Telluride Medical Center

4. & More! Lots of new stuff for 2015!

Who is the festival best suited to, and where can people buy tickets?

The festival is truly an event for EVERYONE! Men, Women, Children, families & Professionals. We are currently working and finalizing having the festival accredited so that professional will be able to receive CEUs for attending.

The backdrop of beautiful Telluride is the ultimate place to get motivated & inspired!
The backdrop of beautiful Telluride is the ultimate place to get motivated & inspired!


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