Telluride WOW Festival Is Back in 2014! 15% off Telluride Lodging.

In 2013, the Telluride WOW Festival kicked off it’s inaugural event from September 20-22. The success of last years event means that this year, the festival is back for it’s second year from September 18-21, 2014! Here is the scoop from the festivals organizer, Becca Tudor:

The goal of the WOW festival is to offer a platform for folks to interact and be motivated by today’s health and wellness top professionals to make a change for a healthier life.  Our presenters are international fitness figures, coaches, adventure athletes, doctors as well as local professionals. 

Classes and lectures as well as Q&A sessions ranging in topics from specific workout programs to nutrition, exercise psychology, yoga, pilates, “the spirit of adventure” and the importance of the outdoors.

WOW’s bigger picture is to identify and address the social issue of our nations’ depression and obesity problem; a pattern that is being passed down to our children.
And so we forge on, from Telluride to the rest of the world….
Check out for the full presentation schedule.
Lodging In Telluride would like to offer all guests of the WOW Festival 15% off their Telluride lodging. The code for this special is WOWFEST, so make sure to mention this when you inquire with us! We have a selection of vacation rental condos in Telluride town, located conveniently close to all of the action of Main Street & the mountains. Please call us on 888-998-6471 or you can send us an email.