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Top 5 Local Only Places to Eat in Telluride

When we go on vacation, usually we do so because we are wanting a change from our normal everyday routine and our familiar routes and places of choice. For that reason, when we travel to a new place, we want to try foods from places we never have before. It can sometimes be difficult to find or choose from the large variety of hidden culinary treasures that can be found. For this reason, we have put together a list of the top five best local only places to eat in Telluride, Colorado!


Just about everyone loves tacos. At GNAR, you will not just find your typical beef, pork, or chicken tacos with some beans and lettuce; no, here you will find a wide range of tacos that are quite unique, and they have managed to bring cultures from all over the world on their fresh spin on this classic favorite. For instance, if you are a fan of the sweat and savory, then you might enjoy their Korean BBQ tacos, or if you want something unique, you can even try the pork belly ones. Even if you are a fan of seafood, they manage to bring the flavors of the coast to Colorado with their Irie Shrimp tacos, and even the vegetarians amongst us will find something for their palate with tacos such as the Dragon Broccoli. Not in the mood for a crunchy comfort food? Fear not, for they also have some rather incredible nachos. So, if you are looking for flavors from south of the border with flair from all around, making for a truly unique experience, then make sure to stop by GNAR!

Caravan Middle Eastern Food

From the outside, this little slice of Middle Eastern cuisine looks like your typical little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, and as many find, these often are some of the best restaurants in Telluride. Well, this is true with Caravan Middle Eastern Food, which is not only affordably priced but also quite fast. It is perfect for vegetarians, as they have an assortment of vegan and vegetarian dishes as well as a gluten free menu! You will not find any steroid infused meats when you dine at Caravan Middle Eastern Foods; you will be getting only naturally raised meats that have had no chemical additives. Additionally, you will find only organic locally grown or whole food ingredients. Their menu ranges from falafel sandwiches to chicken shish-kebab and even a Messe Vegetarian Sampler. You will also find your tradition Middle Eastern sides as well such as hummus, Baba Ganouj, Tabouli, lentil soup, etc. Not feeling like a heavy meal? Well, you’re in luck, as they also offer a wide range of smoothies such as tropical, triple berry, whole meal vegetable, and more! If you find yourself traveling to Telluride for a special event, make sure to keep them in mind, as they also offer catering that can include off-menu items! So, if you are looking to try something different, and possibly even try a new kind of food altogether, make sure you stop by and give Caravan Middle Eastern Food a go.

Chop House

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting down and digging into a steaming pile of potatoes, nestled next to a juicy steak seared to perfection with a light crust of seasoning upon its outer edges? (Besides our vegetarian visitors, of course.) Well, this classic steakhouse will give you exactly that when you sit down at its tables to dine. Rated #1 on TripAdvisor, they offer a variety of different western game. For instance, here you will find entrees such as chicken, salmon, filet mignon, ribeye, and even elk short loin! However, they even have an item or two for any vegetarians that might be joining you such as grilled tofu. As well, you will find that they have quite the collection of wines, ranging from famous American labels to those from the famous vineyards of France, all of which are stored in their nitrogen wine bar! Not coming for an intimate, candle-lit dinner? Don’t worry, as they also offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, and even have a café service! So, if you’re looking for something a bit familiar and to satisfy that craving that only the meat eaters will appreciate, then make sure you try the Chop House.

The National

If you are looking for a romantic meal with a significant other or maybe even a first date, or even looking for a warm place to share some laughs and a meal with friends, The National is just what you are after. This restaurant offers a range of different entrees ranging from elk loin to trout to even a vegan lasagna! However, they don’t only offer a wide variety of types of plates ranging from single entrees like those above, as well as small plates for those looking to try a bit of everything including Broue Grouse Bread, Duck Liver Mousse and Burrata. You’ll even find big plates made specifically for multiple people to enjoy such as a whole quart of Cucumber melon soup, a large Kale Caesar Salad, a Large Cauliflower Cashew Soup and more! If you are looking for a truly stunning experience, then make sure to inquire about their rooftop experience which is a private four course dinner with a rooftop view of the surrounding area. If you find yourself dining here but aren’t quite sure what wine you’d like to pair, make sure you ask their on-staff sommelier or bar chef who would be happy to suggest the perfect wine or drink for your delectable meal. Finally, The National looks to truly give you the best meal possible, and for that reason they work very closely with local farms and community to ensure that their menu only has the freshest and highest quality of ingredients. So, if you are looking for the perfect night amongst friends, or the perfect date, then make sure to keep The National in mind!

The Tunnel

When many of us hear of fine dining, we tend to think of high-collared places full of expensive decorations where you are given a piece of lettuce and told it’s a salad. However, you will not find that here at The Tunnel. You will not only be treated to some of the most well-prepared cuisine in the area, but you will also truly be given an incredibly unique experience in which the very act of eating at the restaurant is an entertaining experience on its own. This fine dining establishment is built to resemble a speakeasy from the days of prohibition, and they truly take the theme to heart.

When you get to the front door of this place to eat in Telluride, you will find yourself staring into a pair of eyes peering at you from a slit in the door; after giving them the password, the door will be opened, and you’ll be led to your private table—after being required to leave all knives, guns, and cellphones at the door, after all it is a speakeasy! You will then be treated to a glass of either Prosecco or a mock-tail. Then you will be gifted with the most delectable and beautiful food you will ever have seen, and you won’t just be getting one plate either, but an entire six-course meal! Further, for an additional $50 a person, you can have a wine paring with each of your courses, allowing for a truly enjoyable night of fine wine and food. The menu changes monthly, so every time you come back, the experience is sure to be unique. With two seatings per night, (5:15PM and 8PM) make sure you make reservations well in advance!

To give you an idea of the wonder entrees you’ll be feasting upon, the current menu is a “Hawaiian Summer” and includes such dishes as Ahi Poke, Kalua Pork Lettuce Wraps, Loco Moco and more! If you find yourself having any dietary restrictions, or even simply different tastes, the chef and cooks are more then happy to cater to your desires. It truly is no wonder it was listed #1 by Diners Choice! If you are looking for a wonderful meal you will never forget, make sure you check out The Tunnel today!

If any of these made your mouth water and your stomach rumble, make sure to call Lodging in Telluride at 888-998-6471 to book your trip to Telluride, CO!

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