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Top 5 Local Only Shops in Telluride

Deep down, all of us on some level enjoy browsing around a curious, unique, or eye-catching shop. Whether or not we choose to purchase anything is secondary, as there is a certain joy just in the act of browsing and finding that thing you never knew you wanted until that moment. For that reason, we have put together a list of the top five local only shops in Telluride!


There is truly something uniquely enjoyable about slowly decorating and turning your house into a home. Well, if you find yourself looking for that little something to add to your décor back home, make sure you check out HOOK! This small home décor and gift shop hosts a surprisingly large variety of different options for you to peruse and admire, from the intoxicating smell of candles, diffusers, and even incense to intriguing décor such as prints and lights to useful items that just so happen to come with the allure of memories, such as ice molds, pint tumblers, and salt and pepper shakers. However, they don’t just dabble in things for the home, but even things you eat and wear. For instance, you will find the lovely scents of perfumes and colognes, as well edible treats like marshmallows. You will even find some games, puzzles, and journals which are perfect for those rainy days back home when you need something to kill the time. So, if you are looking for that special something, or even just looking for a fun shop to peruse and explore, make sure you give HOOK a gander!


We have all heard the tales of the mysteriously luxurious fiber that is cashmere; some of you out there may even own some of your own and know firsthand why it’s one of the most expensive fabrics in the world. For those who don’t, it’s sheared from the wool of the cashmere goat, originally native to Asia. This long sought-after rarity is known to be softer and finer than other wools yet is also stronger than what you will typically find. An entire store dedicated to this sought-after fiber is quite impressive! You will find a variety of clothing items ranging from women’s sweaters, ponchos, tank tops and dresses to men’s sweaters and hoodies. Not only this, but you’ll also find a variety of throw blankets, jewelry, candles, and tea leaves for sale as well. Finally, to add to the rather luxurious feel this Telluride shop has, they only take in items that are knitted with 100% Scottish cashmere yarn. However, if you find yourself reading this and just can’t wait to own one of these lush items, fear not, for they even offer to ship your new item! Come and experience a true slice of luxury and beauty with CashmereRED, and maybe even own your own cashmere item to show off to your friends.

MiXX Projects and Atelier

Returning to home décor, we find ourselves looking at a Telluride shop that not only offers the décor to add a bit of Telluride spirit to your home, but also a variety of handmade jewelry and furniture! MiXX Projects truly values what is important: creativity and the pride of craftsmanship. You will find here a selection of items brought in from every inch of the globe and from every culture. They specifically work with local and global artists, designers, and small businesses to ensure that you are truly getting the best of the best, and items that someone truly poured their heart and soul into. Their jewelry, while not flashy and extravagant, is simple, elegant, and beautiful. The décor they offer is also simple, yet some are colorful, yet balanced so that the eyes do not grow weary from viewing it. As well, some products are rocky, some are glass, and others furry; you won’t ever know what you will find here at MiXX Projects. As well, you will find a variety of unique furniture which radiates the mysteries of cultures far away. Ranging from chairs to dining rooms tables, you are sure to find something you love with them. Their gallery Atelier is sure to hold that visual wonder you knew you were seeking. Not only this, but they offer free consulting should you so need it! Why not come and see the beauty that is pride and creativity at MiXX Projects and Atelier?

Between the Covers Bookstore

There are two different types of book lovers in this world: those who love to read the books they buy, and those who love to collect books for what they stand for and symbolize. No matter which of the two you are, you are sure to find a home at Between the Covers Bookstore! This small local bookstore somehow manages to have every genre of book you can imagine, from adorable life lesson teaching kids’ books to somber adventure-filled young adults to suspenseful soul gripping thriller to curious and intellectually stimulating mystery and everything in between. However, not only do they offer this wide selection of books, but the non-readers in your group will also still be able to peruse and enjoy their selection of non-book items. These range from cards to blank journals, posters, magazines, games and much more! As well, make sure you check their events page, as they tend to have several different events going on ranging from local authors to book signings to poetry clubs to a monthly book club! Make sure you stay and grab a cup of coffee at High Alpine Coffee; after all, what better way to start a new book than to sit warmed by the roasty aromas of your coffee before you? So, during your stay with us, make sure you check out Between the Covers Bookstore and enjoy the now almost nostalgic feeling of perusing a bookstore.

Telluride Truffle Artisan Chocolate

It is fairly safe to say most people enjoy chocolate. Here, you won’t find your typical factory-made chocolate bar, but rather chocolate that truly shows why so many people fall in love with this delicate treat. Whether you are a lover and indifferent, have the chance to taste chocolate that is truly made with love and devotion at Telluride Truffle Artisan Chocolate! These chocolate connoisseurs not only make delectable truffles and chocolates, but even offer a variety of gift boxes for those special occasions which require a special little something extra. For instance, if you find yourself spending New Year’s with a significant other, they will never forget a box of their champaign truffles, or if you find yourself wanting to impress a potential business client, they even offer special gift boxes specifically for your situation! All this being said, you won’t just find pure boring chocolate here, but truffles that truly look to impress not just you, but your very taste buds. For instance, you could try the Valley Cow with its mix of dark and white chocolate with a hint of Jack Daniels for flavor. You might also enjoy the Snow Capped, which are a wonderful blend of white chocolate mixed with Tuaca and caramel, all encased in perfectly balanced dark chocolate. If even this doesn’t satisfy your cravings, then perhaps you’ll enjoy Glass 5, which is a creamy dark chocolate infused with raspberry. If this still doesn’t cause the beginnings of yearning to strike your heart, fear not, for they have many more options to choose from, even hot chocolate! Whether you are a chocolate lover or not, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to try Telluride Truffle Artisan Chocolate!

If reading any of these descriptions has your heart filling with a desire to visit these shops in Telluride yourself, make sure to give Lodging in Telluride a call today at 888-998-6471 or book your property online!

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