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Top 5 Spots for a Telluride Sightseeing

When we go on vacation, we do so because we want to see something new, something awe-inspiring, something we don’t get to typically see in our day to day lives. If Telluride has one thing, it’s spots for incredible, picturesque, and all-around awe-inspiring sights. However, it can be tough to figure out which ones to go to, and for that reason we have put together this guide to the top five Telluride sightseeing spots for a gorgeous view!

Mount Sneffels

This 7.1-mile out-and-back trail is one of the most beautiful trails you can walk; however, it can be difficult due to large stretches requiring scrambling and even bouldering. It is highly worth it to take the challenge, as the view from up top is truly a jaw-dropping, and the trail to it consists of beautiful stretches of wildflowers as well. The length of the hike purely depends on your type of vehicle and how comfortable you are. Once you feel you’ve gone as far as your vehicle can take you, step out and begin your ascent to truly one of the most awe-inspiring views of the surrounding areas, not to mention an unforgettable view of Blue Lakes. So, if you fancy yourself the hiking type, strap on those boots, grab your equipment, and see for yourself why so many travel every year to see Mount Sneffels in person!

Bear Creek Trail

For those of you who might not be the biggest hikers or are more looking for a nice quite stroll than a challenging trek to the highest of points, make sure you check out Bear Creek Trail and see for yourself why thousands flock there every year! This 5.1-mile hike provides you not only with a dazzling view of Bear Creek Falls which looms 80 feet above you, but also takes you through the beautiful 325-acre Bear Creek Preserve, making it one of the best places to see in Telluride. This ensures you will have an unforgettable hike lined with aspens and pine groves, not to mention beautiful clearings full of wildflowers that are just begging for you to lie down within them like some mythical tale of old. So, while you are with us, make sure you take the time to see what is one of the most popular trails, and for good reason!

Bridal Veil Falls

There is something that has always fascinated mankind about waterfalls, whether it be the tourist staring up in awe as waters thunder down upon the earth bellow, or the peaceful monk allowing the roar to lull him into hypnotic rest. Well, you are sure to feel the same sense of wonder and peace they do with a trip to Bridal Veil Falls! This thing of natural wonder stands at an absolute staggering 365 feet, making it the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado. The trail itself is perfect for the person looking for a hike that allows you to see the natural world around as it takes you past other equally tranquilizing falls. At 4.8 miles one-way, this hike can be steep at places, but it is by far worth the trek once you see the falls standing above you like some sort of giant from days past, with trees surrounding you, casting you in shadow as you stand in wonder. As well, if you don’t feel like hiking, there is an off-road trail that allows you to feel the thrill of off-roading while still being able to enjoy the tranquility the falls provide.

Black Bear Road

Black Bear Road truly does hold some of the most spectacular drives you can make in the area, reaching a top elevation of 12,850 feet; it’s also only 12 miles long! Not only will you get to see a great view of Bridal Veil Falls, but also several other falls and an unforgettable view of the San Juan Mountains. However, while this Telluride sightseeing drive gives you a view of some of the best sights in Colorado, as well as incredible views of the surrounding area, it is also considered one of the most dangerous roads in the US, and for good reason. The majority of the can be done during good conditions fairly easily. What gives this road its notoriety is the series of switchbacks that are extremely narrow at times, with a sheer drop-off that would make any brave soul think twice. Not to mention, the road isn’t a normally trafficked road, but rather a forest service road (#648). This means there is no guard rail or safety features in place, and an unnerving number of drivers have found this out the difficult way. Not only this, but there is a high risk of rockslides. The city itself put it best with a sign that used to mark the beginnings of the road: “You don’t have to be crazy to drive this road – but it helps.” So, while this truly does hold some of the most beautiful views you can find in the area, it is highly encouraged to only drive this in a jeep or other well-suited vehicle, and only if you have proper experience. As well, you are urged to do your own research on the road before attempting it to ensure that you are well prepared and know what to expect. If, however, you do decide to push forward and attempt this road, remember that the hardest things usually come with the best rewards, and nowhere in Colorado demonstrates this better than Black Bear Road!

Yankee Boy Basin

We’ve discussed several different best places to see in Telluride, all with once-in-a-lifetime views. Some are easy to reach, some hidden far out of sight upon the mountain peaks, some dangerous, some easy, but all sharing a view you’ll never forget. Thus, we now come to Yankee Boy Basin, which truly does have the most gorgeous view you will find in Telluride. This OHV route is a whopping 18.6-mile out-and-back trail. Along your travels, you’ll be gifted with unforgettable views of a pristine lake, with its water still and calm like a mirror laid upon the soft earth. As well, if you come in mid-July, you will have the most picturesque view of wildflowers rolling out into the distance like some fuzzy, colorful carpet. Not only this, but you will get a view of the mountains and gurgling brooks that no camera can truly capture, a view that only those who have seen it in person can truly appreciate. It beautiful for the eyes to behold but it also makes for a fantastic hike that features a whopping 4,650 feet of elevation gain! So, if you are looking for the perfect spot for the perfect photo or are just a fan of nature’s creative and elegant art, make sure you check out Yankee Boy Basin!

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