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Top 5 Telluride Tourist Attractions & Hot Spots

While there are those times we wish to see the sights that are off the beaten path, there are many times we do wish to stick with the crowds and see the sights that have inspired awe in so many; after all, tourists wouldn’t flock to an activity if it wasn’t something to tell home about! So, if you find yourself seeking these kinds of experiences, read on to discover the top five Telluride tourist attractions and hot spots in Telluride!

Telluride Adventure Center

While many of us think things like canopy activities are for children, as you will find, these activities are just as much fun for adults as they are for their little ones! Who doesn’t want to dangle 140 feet in the air as they try to master a range of obstacles and activities? At Telluride Adventure Center, you will have the ability to try five ziplines which will have you flying through the air with the wind in your face. They even have two rappels which are sure to make sure stomach lurch. There are also two aerial bridges for you to attempt to navigate while dangling in the heavens above. However, while going from the top to the bottom is always fun and trying to navigate so high up is certainly a thrill, make sure you don’t forget to properly enjoy the views from so high up, as you will truly get an unforgettable view of the San Juan Mountains nearby, as well as the surrounding area of Telluride. If you are looking for a time that is truly enjoyable for the entire family, make sure you give Telluride Adventure Center a try! Telluride Adventure Center has limited availability during the year, so be sure to reach out before planning a visit.

Nature Center

When some of us hear of a nature center, we might think of someplace where you can quickly grab a map and maybe see an exhibit or two, not exactly high-level Telluride tourism. However, the Nature Center here in Telluride has truly attempted to make the experience not only educational but enjoyable as well. You will find your typical information on hiking and biking trails, weather expectations and info about the local ecosystem; however, you will also find a series of interpretive displays ranging from geology to animal tracks to skulls to Native American history and water use.

They have truly gone the extra mile here, as you will also find a selection of guided hikes with an experienced interpreter who will not only show you the way but will fill you in on a wealth of information regarding the local area and wildlife. You will find yourself learning about everything from wildflowers to local human history to the various trees and birds you see along the way. As well, you will not be getting a strict route that is always followed, but rather your guide will customize your hike to whatever it is that you are hoping to get from the experience. These hikes can go from two hours and up, with longer treks tackling rather challenging terrain!

Finally, if you find yourself with little ones who are eager for their own private activity to boast about, make sure to drop them off at the mini camps that are held every Tuesday and Thursday. These kid camps will focus on a variety of outdoor adventures such as a bug safari, geocaching and gold panning, Bucktooth Builders (a focus on beavers) and more! If you are not only looking to discover what the area has to offer but are looking to get in a good hike as well, make sure you stop by the Nature Center!

Telluride Paragliding LLC

We’ve all heard of parasailing, and some of us may have even done that at some point in the past; however, how many people can say they tried their hand at paragliding? Imagine soaring through the air, the trees beneath you and the town of Telluride not but a speck in an endless rippling ocean of green and brown, held together by the towering mountains whose mighty gaze follows as you glide. Well, believe it or not, just about anyone can experience this at Telluride Paragliding, as they are the only company who is fully insured and permitted to do tandem rides! This means that anyone as young as 5 and anyone as old as 80 can fly through the air like the birds so many admire. Not only this, but this tandem ride is considered an introductory lesson on the art of paragliding. This means with a few more goes, you could even find yourself flying back home with your own gear. As well, they have been known to even do speed flying, which is a combination of skiing and paragliding, making for a truly unique and adrenaline-pumping experience! If you are looking to take to the air or soar down a mountainside atop the white fluffy snow, make sure you give Telluride Paragliding a call.

Telluride Helitrax

There are many unique and unforgettable Telluride tourist attractions and activities you can choose when coming to Telluride, but one of the more unique ones you can do is helicopter skiing, which will find you skiing far away from civilization in an area that few have ever seen. Telluride Helitrax will take you to those backcountry areas that few ever see or are even able to access, giving you 200 square miles of untouched and pristine terrain in the nearby San Juan Mountains. As well, not only will you be trying out six ski runs ranging from 10-14K vertical feet in the air, but you will have an expert guide with you who can truly ensure your experience is all that you envisioned it could be. If you are truly a lover of skiing, you can even opt for a multiday experience which will have you truly seeing some of the most remote and pristine areas that none can say they too have skied upon. If you are a beginner and don’t have your own equipment, fear not, for you will be given powder skis and snowboards, snacks throughout the day, a water bottle, and even après ski—a special term for an event done after skiing! If you are truly an expert and this is just a normal everyday activity for you, then make sure you inquire about their guided backcountry skiing expeditions which are reserved only for those who truly have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to ski some of the most remote, and highest, ski areas possible. If you are looking to truly have an unforgettable time and experience something that very few ever have or will, give Telluride Helitrax a try!

Telluride Off-Road Adventures

We all have seen the truck or jeep, mud-splattered across its side, with a group of grinning facing and laughing voices filling its seats. Well, at Telluride Off-Road Adventures, you can actually be part of the wonderful world of off-roading and see just why so many people have fallen in love with the pastime. With Telluride tourism tours ranging from two hours all the way to full-day excursions, it is no wonder that they were voted Traveler’s Choice best of the best! With their two-hour tours, you will have your choice of a range of different trails and sights to choose from including Bridal Veil Falls, Social Tunnel, Tomboy Ghost Town and more! With their half-day tours, you will get a 3.5- to 4-hour adventure that will take you to some of the highest possible elevations, passing through three different climate and elevation zones as well as taking you high above the tree line. You will get to see the ruins of long abandoned mines, beautiful waterfalls roaring down the side of a cliff, and beautiful alpine basins filled with wildflowers which paint the ground in the colors of spring. However, for those who genuinely want an adventure and have the ability to withstand a seven-hour day bumping and jumping across the land, their full-day tours will be your paradise. These visit multiple pass summits and go to various towns across multiple counties. As well, there will be two breaks—one in Ouray and one in Silverton—before finishing back home in Telluride. What’s more is that you’ll find that you can even book a private tour with a minimum of four people and a max of up to 25! Why not discover the joys of off-roading and create memories that will last forever with Telluride Off-Road Adventures!

If reading any of these has you already itching to grab your phone and find out more, make sure you give Lodging in Telluride a call today at 888-998-6471 to book your journey to Telluride!

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