The beauty of Telluride is undeniable. Tucked deep in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado, the town of Telluride is blessed with natural beauty. The main street of the town, Colorado Avenue, is probably one of the most photographed scenes of any mountain town in the US. Dramatic 13 & 14,000 square foot peaks rise up over the charming Victorian town, with Ingram Falls cascading dramatically down the end of the box canyon. This is the scene that Butch Cassidy was greeted with when he robbed his first bank in Telluride in 1889, and it is the exact same vista that visitors from around the world admire today when they come to Telluride for world class skiing, film watching & music festivals.

Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is one of America’s most beautiful mountain towns.
















We were super excited to see Telluride included in Thrillist’s article of the ‘Winter’s 10 Most Gorgeous American Towns‘. Keeping company with places like Breckenridge CO, Stowe VT & Jackson WY, Telluride was noted for it’s dramatic mountain scenery, classic Victorian town & free gondola system. Gianna Jaccoma describes Telluride:

“Tucked in a box canyon and bordered on three sides by 14,000ft peaks, this former mining camp’s pretty much what you picture when you think of “mountain town.” Telluride’s renowned for the Victorian and Greek Revival architecture of its historic district, and since the famous Telluride Film Festival is already over by the time winter rolls around, there’s nothing to distract you from having fun in the snow. As a bonus, take the spectacular 13-minute gondola ride up to the neighboring Telluride Ski Resort“.

To continue reading the full article from Thrillist, click here. 

Telluride, Colorado.

Telluride’s Main Street is one of the most charming, and dramatically beautiful in North America.
















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