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Fourth of July Festival, Telluride CO

Everything gets kicked off at about 11 a.m. with a Fireman’s Parade that travels right down Main Street. The sidewalks are lined with residents and tourists dressed in red, white, and blue, and you are quickly put into a celebrating kind of mood. There are great costumes both in the parade and in the crowd, and the nearby Air Force Academy thrills the crowd with an amazing flyover. The best part of the parade is the fact that it is just the start to the day – when the parade ends, the party keeps going on throughout the day and into the night!

Celebrate Independence Day, Telluride Style

The whole community hosts a barbecue on this special day, complete with classic American food and fun games for the whole family. You are welcome to join in the fun for no charge. The food is moderately priced to be made affordable for everyone to enjoy. With games like a slip n’ slide, sack races, pie eating contests and more, you will not lack for that traditional feeling when taking in the 4th of July Festival in Telluride, CO.

Like any good 4th of July Celebration, the real fun starts when the sun goes down. While fireworks can be let off anywhere across the country, there are few natural settings like Telluride in which to enjoy the power and beauty of pyrotechnics. A team of volunteer firefighters climb to a hill just outside town to send off the fireworks, and you will be able to view them from anywhere around the city. The show usually gets going around 9:30, so be sure to have found a spot with your family and friends from which to enjoy the spectacle.

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