elluride Wedding Venues: The Best Places To Tie The Knot

Photo Credit: Murray Foubister via Flickr CC2.0

Anyone who lives in Telluride, or visits regularly, knows that our little box canyon is pretty darn special. Breathtaking peaks cradle the town in the valley below, groves of Aspen trees flourish on the mountainside and the stars shine so bright on a clear night it’s hypnotizing. There are no stop lights, there is no bustling highway running through the valley, no neon signs, no crowds and no chain stores.

A walk down Telluride’s main street feels like a step back in time. There are no high rise buildings or strip malls. Just a quaint, picturesque mountain town that casts it’s magical spell on those who visit.

Don’t be surprised when a stranger says “hi” or a scruffy dog barrels up to you and rubs against your leg. That’s  Telluride. You won’t see paparazzi, but you might see some famous faces mixing with the locals on any given day.

The San Juan Mountains

Surrounding Telluride, we have the highest concentration of 13,000 & 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado. The San Juan Mountain range is often likened to the Alps. That is, dramatic peaks and deep valleys that are snow capped in the winter and lush green in the summer. The only difference to the Alps being you pretty much have the place to yourself. No long lines on the ski hill, no one elbowing you out of the way to get on the gondola.

What I love about the mountains around Telluride is the feeling of solitude that they provide. You can hike, or ski tour for hours on end without seeing another soul.

Proximity To The Desert

If you have ever skied Telluride, you likely would have noticed a distinct mountain range off to the west. These are the La Sal Mountains in Utah. Directly in their shadows, sits Moab, Utah. Moab is a famous town for desert lovers as it is the base from which many explore Arches & Canyonlands National Parks.

You can drive to Moab in under 3 hours from Telluride. That’s significantly closer than any other major ski resort in Colorado. Ask anyone who lives in Telluride where they are going this off season, and I would say 8 out 10 people plan to go to the desert at some stage for camping, biking and hiking.

The Valley Floor, Forever Wild!

Almost a decade ago, the town voted to preserve the valley floor as wild open space. Forever. No sprawling condo developments, no golf courses, no high rise hotels. The valley floor will remain as it is for generations to come.

It’s not uncommon to see a herd of elk grazing on the valley floor, colonies of prairie dogs and more recently badgers foraging around this dedicated open space.

Unmatched Ski Access

Telluride is one of two towns in Colorado where you can ski directly in to an old mining town. Aspen is the other.  This was one of the key reasons I chose Telluride as THE place to live.

When we come off the ski hill, we click out of our boots and walk across the street to our condo at the Viking Lodge. Life doesn’t get much better than that! We also have some of the best side and back country access directly from the ski resort.

The Only Heli Skiing Operation In Colorado

Telluride boasts the ONLY commercial heli skiing operation in Colorado. Telluride Helitracks covers and area of several hundred square miles, offering guests endless untracked powder and some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the lower 48.

45 Miles To The Nearest Stop Light

How many ski towns in Colorado can say that? 45 miles to the nearest stoplight. No noisy freeways, no traffic jams, no parking headaches. One road in, same road out.

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